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International comics too!
These are from a german comic book. The guy in diapers wanted to become the emperor of the world. But unfortunately he came acrose his one "Z-rays". And he turned into a baby himself. Thanks to Martin for this contribution.

Here's a letter I got the other day Hi Mike,
Was looking at the SoCalif diaper page and came across the article about infantilism in comics. I have a great one. Unfortunately I do not have a scanner but I will give you the info on the book. Maybe you can locate it.
It is published by the Smithsonian press in 1981. It is titled "A Smithsonian Book of Comic - Book Comics".On page 162 a story begins. It is a Little LuLu comic. It's called Marge's Little Lulu - five little babies.
Seems the boys are giving the girls a hard time as usual. The boys go skinny dipping and are discovered by the girls. They hide the boys clothes and provide them with diapers to wear home. Great story!!

Click here to see the LITTLE LULU comic
More On Regression
Here is an interesting book on the treatment of schizophrenics with regression:

The baby was cradled on his mother's lap making soft gurgling noises as he sucked his bottle.

The "baby" was six feet tall and twenty years old. The "mother" knew he could kill her at any moment.

"All My Children"
by Jacqui Lee Schiff with Beth Day is out of print but you might find a used copy of it at

Check this out from page 219:

From the hebephrenic babies and Shirley we learned how real a regression has to be, that a baby must be a baby, can't be expected to think like a univerisity student, and should not have to use his Adult.

Now we put all our babies in diapers and feed them from bottles and let them sleep as much as they like. When they are hungry they cry; both Elizabeth and Eric had trouble learning to do that. When they are older they chew on teething rings and pretzels and start eating traditional baby foods. Eventually they learn to crawl, to talk, and begin to feed themselves. The two-year-old negativistic stage is always a problem; for a while I thought Eric might never get toilet trained.

If you meet the child's needs during the regression, the need for therapy, is almost completely eliminated.

Here's one from a popular novel that didn't make it to the major motion picture:

Do you have any old comic books, books or stories hinting AB/DL material?

If so send me a scan and a write up and I'll put up on this page.

mike a

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