Readers Story: Wearing Nappies can seriously manage your health:

by Seann Odoms

Go on, laugh! What a weirdo! It is such a controversial statement. But, maybe it is not so contentious. I am not medically qualified, but can only relate my experience and educated observations. I am an adult who wears diapers. I took a considered decision on practical and, to my mind, scientific grounds. I am not diagnostically incontinent nor is there any fetish or sexual motive involved. This is nothing to do with children. If you have an alternative agenda, please go away! The issue is medical incontinence pads (i.e. diapers/nappies) for adults and all products are easily acquired from chemists ( Pharmacy in the US.) or online.

For years I had a painfully severe bowel disorder, causing inter alia incontinence, and finally took to wearing adult nappies 24/7 during 2 months of acute suffering. ....Suddenly I recovered. There was no other possible catalyst. The complaint was cured by diapers. Why?

It is purely biological. I handed my body back to nature.

When animals (and we are animals) need to urinate or defecate they do it on impulse; they exercise no control. Nature has ordained that, for the sake of health, bowel & bladder muscles by default expel urine and feces. Clearly Nature has decided that retention of waste is harmful to the body. A conscious effort is needed to hold it.

So, what are we doing when we toilet-train children or even pets?

We are reversing natures plan.

Suddenly the bladder and sphincter muscles are re-conditioned to retain the waste by default, with a conscious effort required to expel it.

This cannot be good for our health.

In regular peristalsis, your gut digests all the beneficial properties of your food and expels the rest via the colon. But, if you "hold" feces you create a tailback, the food stays in the gut longer and the system digests other elements more harmful to your health. It is no surprise then that, of all illnesses suffered by humans, the most common are bowel-associated, while, by comparison, animals rarely suffer bowel disorders. To my knowledge this is also true of pre-potty babies. Clearly we cannot urinate or defecate in the street. Nor has the fecal catheter been invented yet. So the only sensible alternative is for everyone to wear diapers until an alternative appears. Eventually, you will "un-toilet-train" yourself, and your gastric system will return to normal. Wearing diapers regularly, I find they are more comfortable than conventional underwear, even in bed.

Moreover, they are much more convenient. You never need to look for a toilet or, having found one, take a further health risk using uncleaned and unhygienic facilities. You do not have to break concentration at work to visit the toilet. You never need to miss that crucial part of a game, film or concert to visit the loo (restroom).

The only drawback to wearing diapers is occasional odor, which can be masked by PVC pants. Nappy rash will appear in the early stages, but will dissipate quickly as your body becomes accustomed to nappies. Any embarrassment factor is only the by-product of social conformity. In a Cartesian, democratic society, who has the right to complain if nobody else is adversely affected by your diaper? What is there to be embarrassed about if there is no sexual or psychological undertone? I repeat, talk to someone else if you are after something kinky.

Diapers are nothing other than a more practical and healthy form of underwear. They are the safe and healthy way of living. Seann Odoms may be contacted at

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