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Tulsa - Tulsa Police are searching for a man who has been exposing himself in convenience stores in South Tulsa. They say he is only wearing a diaper. That's right, a diaper.

So far, he's been spotted at a store at 81st and Mingo as well as two stores near 91st and Memorial. Police say the man walks into the bathroom wearing plain clothes, then walks out wearing the diaper and goes into the store.

Officers say in some cases, the man exposes himself to the attendant. In others, he just stands around in the diaper, talking. Witnesses says the man claims it's a dare.

So far, he has gone into three convenience stores around town and police are concerned he may go into more and may take the crimes further.

"He has exposed himself on at least one occasion and we take that pretty serious," says Detective Tyrone Lynn. "This guy could progress into something else."

Police describe the man as a white male with a slender build in his mid 20s. If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 596-COPS.


Catheters used for Spinal Cord Patients Linked to Bladder Cancer, According to St. Louis University and John Cochran Veterans Affairs Medical Center December 6, 1999 Medical Research Report

Bladder cancer is not unusual in patients who use the catheterization method, which is used to remove urine from the bladder. Some researchers think this is because constant catheterization causes more irritation to the mucous membranes and a higher rate of infection. A recent study suggests that it's better to avoid catheters altogether and to use either the external condom catheter or, best of all, highly absorbent youth and adult diapers and an effective hygiene skin care program.

Researchers from St. Louis University and John Cochran Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Missouri examined the records of more than 33,500 patients with spinal cord injury (SCI). Of these, 130 patients had been treated for bladder cancer, indicating that over a five-year period, bladder cancer occurred in 0.4 percent of patients with spinal cord injury.

The researchers were interested in what types of bladder cancer the patients had, and what bladder management methods had been used on them - intermittent catheters, condom catheters or spontaneous voiding with (protective) absorbent briefs.

Information about type of cancer and bladder management was available for 42 patients. Of these, 55 percent had transitional cell carcinoma, 33 percent squamous cell carcinoma, and 10 percent adenocarcinoma.

Intermittent urethral catheters had been used with 43 percent of these SCI patients, suprapubic catheters with 19 percent, condom catheters in 14 percent, and 19 percent allowed spontaneous voiding with absorbent briefs.

Among the SCI patients using catheters, 11 of 26 (42 percent) developed squamous cell bladder cancer. Among those whose bladder management included, condom catheterization, only three of 16 (19 percent) developed this disease. Among those using spontaneous voiding and diaper method, only percent 8 (9 percent) developed this disease.

Writing in "The Journal of Urology," the researchers concluded that "avoidance of any type of catheterization, when feasible, is the preferred method of bladder management for patients with spinal cord injury."

Expressing surprise that there wasn't a stronger relationship between catheterization and bladder cancer in this study, an editorial comment in the same journal suggested that "perhaps the common denominator in this population was unavoidable chronic infection," and went on to state that while it's pretty much impossible to prevent bacteria from getting into the urine by way of a catheter, keeping it out of the urine of non-catheterized (diapered) SCI patients "is a difficult but more achievable goal."

Using highly absorbent youth or adult briefs along with frequent changes and a consistent hygiene skin care program is crucial.

The editor also recommended yearly laboratory testing of urine for signs of cancer or other problems in patients with spinal cord injury.

Source, (submitted by email 3/20/2000)

Sometimes It Pays To Wear Diapers
By Mike A 5/12/2000

This really happened to me, I hope you enjoy it:

I have the great job! I work in an office where most of the employees can work just about anywhere as long as we have a cell phone and a computer with a modem. I on the otherhand have to be there since I am the technical support guru for the business and have to be there to reboot the computers when the network crashes. Most of the time I wear my diapers to work but recently owing to a bit a rash have elected to dry out for a while.

Today there was no one in the office and the building has been pretty much vacant for the last month or so. I had just locked the front door to step out for lunch and on my way to the back door I decided to use the rest room. When I had finish, I washed my hand and reached for the door knob of the restroom. It turned but nothing happened. No matter which direction I turned the knob, the door refused to open.

The rumbly in my tummy didn't make matters better either. No breakfast in the morning and I was really hungry. I had to get out!

I checked my wallet for a credit card to slide through the door but after a few cards, I realized that the bolt would not move to my prying.

Can't yell for help, no one out there and the doors are all locked. This was quite a situation that I was in!

My cell phone, That's it! I'll call the boss for help. Except my cell phone was in its charger on my desk.

I reached in my pocket for my keys and tried to pry the bolt loose. Maybe a long thin key will do it.

Still nothing!

The bathroom door opens to the inside of the bathroom so my only hope was brute force. Those karate classes will finally pay off. I'll kick a hole through the door, reach my hand round to the knob on the outside and free myself.

Kick !!! Ouch! Kick !!!! Kick !!!! Ouch!!!!

Darn!!! this is killing my foot!!!

Kick!!! Ouch!!! Kick !!! Kick!!! Ouch!!!

My foot was starting to go numb with pain so I stopped to give it a rest.

As I was massaging my poor foot I looked at the door on close inspection the bolt had been push out of its hole in the door way.

Thank God!!!

I got my key out, slipped it through the crack and carefully moved the bolt into its hole in the door as I pull the door torward me.

After 20 minutes I was free again.

I guess it does pay off to wear diapers, after all and as soon as this rash is gone you know what I'll be wearing.

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