Urinary Incontinence System Instructions

Depending on which version you have selected. Listening to this recording will give you hypnotic suggestions that will help you to no longer control your bladder or bowels and wet and mess your bed, your diapers or your pants automatically at all times or when you sleep. As a result of listening to this program it is highly suggested that you prepare yourself for the fact you must wear diapers at all times.

Remember that attitude is everything if you want to succeed. And the reprogramming of your bladder and your bowels to the point that you have no more control than a toddler takes work, preparation and a lot of follow through.

Listen to this program often and on a regular basis. When you listen to this program, set aside some time and a place where you can sit or lie down without any outside disturbances. I personally enjoy listening to my tapes well diapered while on my bed.

Make sure you are wearing your diapers because once training begins you should never stop wearing your diapers. Accidents will happen.

Remember the more you listen to the program the deeper the suggestions will be implanted into your subconscious and the sooner you will achieve your goals.

Here are some tips that I would like to pass along from a friend of mine who helped me achieve my goals:

Wear diapers and plastic pants at all times. Regardless of where you are or what the occasion, diapers and plastic panties must be worn at all times, 24 hours a day and 7 days week. They are now a part of your life. Don't forget to have a diaper bag handy with clean diapers and supplies for changes.

Drink lots of fluids, at least 8 ounces of water, juice or other non-alcoholic beverage daily, and two full glasses or bottles of juice or water within one hour of bedtime.

Do not force eliminations. Let them come naturally. A baby doesnít think, "Iím going pee-pee now". He just does it. Remember you are in your thick absorbent diapers at all times. Just relax and go with the flow. The day will come when you will say "Wow! I wet my diapers and I didnít ever remember doing it!"



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The toilet is now off limits!

All voiding shall be done in your diapers only. (if you only choose to wet them, you may make a special exception for bowel voiding)

For those interested in messing uncontrollably, once urinary incontinence has been achieved this too can happen if you desire it. Once again itís all a matter of attitude. Remember you are wearing thick cozy absorbent diapers all the time now so just let it happen.

A good tip for natural bowel voiding is to eat healthy wholesome meals, consisting of fruits, raw vegetables and grains as much as possible, to ensure soft, natural easy voids. This should be a natural process so try not to enemas, suppositories and laxatives.

It is recommended to keep diaper area clean of all body hair, and well washed at every diaper change. Applying baby lotion, baby oil, or Vaseline at each diaper change will reduce the chance of diaper rash. Soiled diapers should be changed immediately after voiding is complete. To prevent diaper rash, wet diapers should be checked and changed on a regular basis.

Everybody is different when it comes to retraining. It took me a couple of weeks of daily use of a hypnosis tape to become a bed-wetter but the first thing that I noticed very early on that I was urinating with ease in my diapers in any position that I was in. The hardest thing I could do prior to retraining was wetting my diapers while lying on my bed. Now I wake up every morning soaked. If you donít start seeing immediate results, donít get discouraged. Drink lots of water, wear diapers at all times and keep listening to the tape.

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