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April 3, 2016 RUPADDED appears to have been down for a while. Not sure what happened. Will report more when we get info.

Jan 19, 2015 - Diaperspace has gone off the radar: DiaperSpace    

On Aug 7, 2014 - Diaperspace came back at a new location after many month of down time. has had some problems off and on in early August 2014: "We're sorry! We are currently experiencing some technical issues. Please try again later."

History of site downtime: 07/31/10 Back up and running. 07/17/10 went down about midnight. The Diaperspace team are aware of the problem and working on the site's recovery.
Update 07/29/10 is a new web hosting account at Interworx. Looks like they have moved servers. Website has been sold - Site is closed. 02/08/10 Rumors circulating that the url is up for sale again - July 2010

RUPADDED.COM is back up and running! 02/08/10 went down - sysops are aware of the problem and working a solution. 07/17/09 One year later and the site is still down suspended by provider - appears to be a billing problem 11/03/09 has pretty much closed shop but links Sybils Shop on Ebay. A good source for SoCalAB Hypnosis Systems on Audio CD - 04/09/10

Specially Featured Sites

Wetting and Diaper Wonderland

ABDL PIXEL GROUP with videos!!

Mommy Daphne Apple in LA

Places Of Interest and Big Baby Supplies

Baby Pants and Diapers for Aldult Babies

LifeStyles Emporium
: Diapers and supplies


More information on Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers Understanding Infantilism

Other Places of interest
And now for something completely different...

Kimba The White Lion

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