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Introducing a SoCalAB Sitter Service for the Long Beach and Lomita Area.

Male and female sitters and caregivers available for Adult Babies (AB) and Diaper Lovers age 18 and over.

SoCalAB has been caring for ABDLs for 20 years and knows how to have fun.
He is a diapered daddy to both Adult Baby boys and Girls and he knows what ABs likes.

SoCalAB makes house calls and organizes Diapered sails

Uncle Danny has a wonderful house that is decked out with toys all over the place. His house makes the perfect nursery.
Uncle Danny loves to change diapers and administer discipline. If AB is bad he will spanked and put in the Naughty Little Monkey chair

Mommy Kat cares for AB boys and knows what is best for the baby boy under her care.
Mommy is strict but loving and know how to balance discipline with nurturing.

Light duties include feeding, changing of wet diaper (no messy diapers!), playing, reading a bedtime story and putting AB down for a nap.
Frequent diaper checks will be given to ensure AB is kept dry. Light discipline can be administered.

ABs should provide their own disposable or cloth diapers as well as baby cloths.

Activities available including driving AB to the store and help pick out the proper adult diapers.

Also unpotty training is available to help AB use his diaper naturally.

Serious inquiries will be answered from the Long Beach area only. This is done in the privacy of your home, or with an appoitment you can visit our nursery in Lomita.

Daddy Danny's Nursery is all decked out with Sponge Bob Squarepants decorations and a big back yard where ABs can walk around in their diapers.

Frequent diaper checks and changess
Taking AB to the store for diapers and supplies. If you do not bring your diapers we will take you to the store where you will be properly fitted for your diapers.
Bottle and feeding
Bath time
Playing with doggy
Tickle Time
Public Humilation (light)
Field trips (to be announced)
Pic Nics
Beach trips

This is adult baby play only - there is nothing sexual involved between caregivers and AB. So do not even ask.
AB to provide diapers, plastic pants, bottle, pacifiers, special baby food and supplies. Bring your diaper bag and a note from Mommy as to your needs.
If you do not bring a diaper bag we will walk or drive you to the store where you will be fitted with the supplies you need to make your time with Uncle Danny and Mommy Kat memorable.
No swearing or cussing.
ABs must be clean
ABs are to show up on time in normal street clothes. They may be diapered under their street clothes but should not present themselves to puffy or obvious.
Babies do not smoke and neither should ABs.
We have a zero tolerance for alcohol or drugs. ABs shall present themselves in a sober state.
No Messy Diapers. We don't change them and we don't want to smell them either!!

Private Sessions $100 hour with a 2 hour minimum. Group Sessions $75 each per hour 3 hour minimum.
Special introductory offer: Get one hour free with with your first session (three hours for the price of two). Offer expires December 31, 2013.

To prepay a deposit and order your service click the Buy Now Button:

NOTE: This special offer is only good for the only for Lomita area.

For more information:

Contact SoCalAB

Take your Inner Baby sailing
Are you planning to visit the LA/Long Beach area?

Contact SoCalAB for a day on the water when he takes you diaper sailing

Services on board for a moderate fee inlcude:
Diaper changes
We can supply disposlable diapers
Just tell us your size when you book your adventure.

Our diaper changing station is equipped powder, scented baby wipes, baby oil and lotion.

Discipline - spanking & verbal humiliation
You will be treated like a baby by the skipper and the diapered crew.

NOTE: All cruises are dependent on the weather.
All guests and crew will wear street clothes to the boat and diapers will not be exposed until the boat is at least one mile out from La Light.
All guests and crew will be provided a life jacket to be worn while the boat is under way.
Guest babies may be also teathered to the boat for safety.
Guest babies are welcome to bring baby clothes but we are not held liable for any damage from salt water.
For the best time, pack light, bring your bottle and favorite pacifier and enjoy the ride.
Please book your diapered adventure atleast two weeks in advance
Southern California weather is moderate all year long so sailing can be enjoyed all year long.

Enhance your experience with The SoCalAB Hyposis System

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